Decision to go to CR


We decided that because of low attendance at the FtF that we would take  
the decision to go to CR at the next phone call.

Please be present at the call so that we can make the resolution. If you  
cannot be present, please send a message if you do not think that this  
version should go to CR.

Dated version of CR spec (editor's draft):

Here are the General Requirements for Advancement:
1. Record group decision to request advancement
2. Public documentation of all changes, substantive and minor (diff marked
version; need report of substantive changes, if any)
     * substantive == change that we reasonably expect invalidates an
individual's review or implementation experience
3. Report any changed requirements since last transition (none)
4. Report any changes in dependencies with other groups (none for 1.1)
5. Show evidence of wide review (144 LC comments resulting in > 1000
6. Formally address all issues (need report of LC comments)
7. Report any formal objections (none)


Received on Wednesday, 7 November 2007 16:01:40 UTC