Updated spec-ready text for select/select1 with value and copy

Hi Erik,

First, I did put a few extra sentences just above the implementation hints 
to directly call out the non-destructiveness.

Second, I put the bullet point processing model information in, but as you 
know I had to do some work on it to accommodate for value and copy at the 
same time.

This had a bit of an effect on select1 to account for: 
1) only going out of range on non-empty instance content
2) ability to deselect in a select1 (i.e. go back to no selection, which 
some types of controls can do)
3) the possibility of having multiple items with the same storage value or 
copy subtree, which presented the most difficulties resolving.

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Re: New spec-ready text for select/select1 with value and copy

John Boyer wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> The non-destructiveness is in there, but it is perhaps as you say hidden 

> to well.


> I had actually thought this might be your reaction, so how about this: 
>  I would actually like to take your bullet points and put them 
> immediately below in the implementation hints part of each section. 
>  What do you think of that?

I think that this would be perfect.


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