Re: Fw: Section 7 (PR#139)


> Your wording for #139 looks great to me.
> If you have no objections, I'd like to include mention of variables too 
> because someone can put a variable reference into the expression, and 
> that would be syntactically correct, but we should fail because we 
> define no variables as in scope...  OK by you?


> Regarding the commentary in 7.12, it's an informative note which 
> suggests that processors may do the behavior.   Do you think XPath 2.0 
> will cause us to escalate that to a higher requirement level?

Not necessarily. It's just that XPath 2.0 actually defines static vs. 
dynamic errors, which would enable us to easily define how an 
implementation should perform a static analysis of XPath expressions at 
loading time, with the main purpose of early error reporting.


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Received on Thursday, 1 November 2007 01:33:25 UTC