Proposal for submission in XForms 1.2

Hello all,

one of the future features for XForms 1.2 is a standalone submission
element to enable model being optional.

However, I'd rather propose to allow submission to be a child element of
the submit element. The submit/@submission attribute would become
optional in this case. The default action for DOMActivate would be to
dispatch xforms-submit to its submission child element.

I think this would be helpful for ease of authoring since it removes one
level of indirection. Also, all possible event handlers for
xforms-submit-* would be located near to its originating submit element.

Furthermore, with instance and binds already being optional and
submission being encapsulated in submit, we have would only have UI
elements as top-level elements once model is optional.

What do you think?

Ulrich Nicolas Lissť

Received on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 00:00:58 UTC