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Hi John,

>From a technical view-point I guess it would be great to be able to
add updates as we wish. But I think to keep the page useful it would
be better if there was an 'editor'. I know you are incredibly busy, so
I hate suggesting additions to your workload, but I think the current
method of sending announcements to you, which you then put up, works

Otherwise, I think that (a) the page will quickly degenerate and (b)
non-members don't have a way of putting up their announcements.
(Although you could say that with the new open, all-embracing W3C,
anyone who is serious about implementing an XForms processor should
really be a member or invited expert.)

Of course, someone else could be the 'editor', but my main point is
that I think there should be one.

(But I do agree with having only one page.)



On 11/04/07, John Boyer <> wrote:
> Working group news is now recorded on the web page and in the public wiki.
> It would be better to have the news appearing only on the wiki so that
> 1) working group members can add announcements freely
> 2) we don't have two sources of news that get out of synch
> 3) we don't clutter our main group page with a laundry list of news items.
> The main issue appears to be the desire to limit write access to news and
> news archive pages to WG members only?
> Any alternative thoughts?
> Steven, can the above access be set?
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