Re: Minutes 11 April 2007


1) Do we need to send minutes to the mailing list when they are recorded 
in IRC and the IRC link has been made public?

Note that the agenda links include the link to the previous minutes in all 
I realize Leigh has his own minutes, but see #3.

2) Do we need to send the list of actions in addition to the minutes when 
the minutes lists the action items?

This is true of IRC minutes but also of Leigh's minutes.

3) Is there a reason why we cannot revert to using the IRC channel as the 
vehicle for minutes?

I rather the like the IRC system as it allows others to participate and 
add comments in the flow of the minutes being taken by the main scribe. It 
also seems to reduce the number of channels of minutes and my obligation 
to constantly explain in the agenda that there are "real" minutes and IRC 
minutes.  It also looks better from the standpoint of not having the IRC 
minutes look like we didn't do anything; you have to know to seek out this 
other separate source of information.

I would prefer moving minutes to IRC if at all possible.

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Minutes 11 April 2007

[NEW] ACTION: steven to ask shane to change name of working group in issue 
tracking system [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to install new FtF page [recorded in]


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