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Re: Disclosure of interest

From: Jean-Baptiste Morizot <jb@phantom-foundry.com>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 12:29:16 +0200
Message-ID: <CAMjHz32GjBZ4Yvucxf4VPCMr_Zt5CSMLjoM32vB=w5bPD9Cf9w@mail.gmail.com>
To: Simon Cozens <simon@simon-cozens.org>
Cc: public-font-text@w3.org
Thanks Simon for your honesty,

Speaking for myself, I'm fine with it. Your involvement in projects aiming
to help the type designers and font makers community speaks for itself.



Le lun. 31 août 2020 à 11:44, Simon Cozens <simon@simon-cozens.org> a
écrit :

> Hello all,
>         In my W3C registration form I declared that I had no significant
> employment interest. This is true, but I just wanted to clarify it for
> the sake of full disclosure and for the avoidance of potential
> appearance of conflicts of interest.
>         I'm currently working as a self-employed font engineer and
> consultant,
> operating under the name of Corvel Software. For the next sixteen
> months, Corvel's primary client is Google Fonts, for whom I am working
> on a couple of font projects, as well as developing tooling
> infrastructure and documentation. One of those documentation projects
> will be a review of the OpenType features registry; this will be funded
> through the Google contract.
>         Separately to the above, I am working on a documentation project
> called
> CommonType, which aims to provide clear and up-to-date documentation of
> the font format itself. I am also participating in the discussions of
> this group and other related groups.[*] In both of these areas, I am
> contributing in my personal capacity as an open source developer; these
> are not projects funded by Google, and I have made it clear to Google
> that any discussions of specifications or formats is my work done on my
> own time, not theirs.
>         I think it is only proper to disclose the significant interest
> from
> Google, even though my contributions here are independent from Google.
> If you ever suspect that a contribution I make may be unduly influenced
> by this interest, please do question this. I will not be offended.
> Thanks,
> Simon
> [*] UFO font format round-table, ISO MPEG OFF AHG.
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