hey all.

I am Matthias, born '68 and doing as autodidact.
I will split this post into three parts.

* technical

I have experimented with NSS (Node Solid Server) for about a year and have  
finally succeeded to setup a production system using up-to-date software.  
this means the latest version of NSS and a widely-accepted reverse proxy.  
the basics of turtle-syntax and the rdf (linked_data-ecosystem) is known  
by participating at a panel, the chat and a certificate of a MOOC.  
although I am certified app-developer I feel more as a hack, due to the  
education is a bit old and I am more of an autodidact now. I am not  
actively working at the architecture of Solid.

* financial

Inrupt is a startup that fuels Solid. they have NSS (which they still do  
safety-updates for) and the community-server. as stated at, TimBL wants to flip the privacy-part right-site-up and  
new methods of business-models will emerge. everything is done with the  
maximum transparency, seen from code-site (real open source) and from the  
side of the decision-making process of the project. I don' t do this  
because I want to gain monetary benefits, but if we want Solid to be  
widely accepted we will have to play by the rules the market gives to us.

* social

the community is a home and *S*ocial *L*inked *D*ata means that the users  
interact with an increasing afford of traffic and want to know every  
possible detail of every party that is involved (Pod-Provider,  
App-maintainer, supplier of new payment-systems). the openness of the  
whole ecosystem is a strong plus. if we want to bundle our effords to make  
Solid lift-off we should know well what we have to offer and the technical  
side (Specification et al) seems to spread a lot of hope. seen socially  
(and homo sapiens *is* social) we have a clear niche to fill the needs of  
more and more people that are tired of the data silos.

Matthias Evering

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