Re: I have interest in this CG

Cool! I see is about a variety of topics
related to smart cities. I didn't find the one specifically about
e-commerce, is there a specific page about that? Or a page about it at your
university's website?

I can't speak for the other CG members, but I myself work on and, and my hope for
federated commerce is that we can coordinate trade between buyers and
sellers in a more peer-to-peer way than how most trade currently occurs,
i.e. settled against anonymized currencies, which are backed by centralized
credit rating agencies and ultimately national armies).

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about network ledger technology that my
interest you:


On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 8:54 AM Luana Nascimento <>

> Hello!
> My name is Luana and I’m studying federated decentralised e-commerces as
> part of a project in my university, and I found your CG. I would like to
> know more about it: is this group currently active? And what exactly are
> you planning to develop as result of this initiative? Depending on the
> answers I can fit some contributions as part of my project or maybe utilize
> some of your work.
> In case you want to know about my project:
> Thanks,
> Luana Nascimento.

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