Re: Proposed EXPath module: resource collections

> Very well, let us put portability out of scope. But still I have no clue how to map collections of resource descriptors to persistent artifacts without a scheme, if efficiency is important.

In Saxon I would imagine it working much like the collection() function does. The user registers a CollectionURIResolver or uses the standard one by default. The CollectionURIResolver is supplied with a URI and returns a map containing a list of resources and their properties. If the system supports different kinds of collection (collection schemes?) then the CollectionURIResolver will have to do some magic to determine which scheme is in use (perhaps by pattern matching on the collection URI; or perhaps using the URI scheme directly, e.g. WebDAV). The map that is returned can be anything that implements the Map interface: it might build an actual in-memory data structure containing the keys and values representing the list of resources, or it might be a virtual map that gets its information on demand from some backing data, e.g. a SQL database or a WebDAV server or an XML catalog of some kind.

Michael Kay

Received on Friday, 20 February 2015 15:26:09 UTC