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Re: Proposed EXPath module: resource collections

From: Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 08:37:03 +0000
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To: Hans-Juergen Rennau <hrennau@yahoo.de>
> For me, there remains one major open question - how to express collection-specific models of resource descriptors, and I suggest the following requirements:
> * an artifact which is accessible to the XQuery user
> * a format which is platform and XQuery processor independent
> Advantages: the user can himself design and manage the collections (if appropriate API functions are provided); portability across XQuery processors.
> How about a little XML vocabulary? Alternatives? Would you expect it to be hard to agree upon the details?

Are you thinking here of some kind of concept of collection-type, where the properties of a collection depend on its collection-type, and there is some kind of schema for a collection-type to show what properties are available?

I was thinking of something much simpler, where each collection can have different properties, and indeed there might be different properties available for different resources within a collection (for example, directories within a directory have different property-sets than files within the same directory); users either know what properties to expect for a given collection URI, or find out what is available by using map:keys().

Michael Kay
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