Re: Draft of Binary module

On 14 March 2013 12:39, Adam Retter wrote:

> e.g. sm:chmod(xs:anyURI("/db/myfile.xml"), "0770")

  Honestly, the Unix permissions octal representation is not
representing a number.  I mean no one look at a number here, it just
happens that the permissions have 3 values, for 3 different "persons",
so an octal representations of 3 bits looked like a good idea.  And
actually it was not because it constrained the value space to 3
different permissions (R, W and X).  I always used the "symbolic" for
that purpose (e.g. "rw-rw----", which is not more symbolic, just
another representation), both as a user or to implement it (I don't
remember where I needed that, but I did once).

  But that is behind the point I think, the point is that a number has
no base.  Each single one of its representation has a base (well, in
position-based representations at least).  The base is then used to
parse and serialize numbers, but not for the numerical operations in


Florent Georges

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