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cfp: JoDI Special Issue on New Applications of Knowledge Organization Systems

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Subject: cfp: JoDI Special Issue on New Applications of Knowledge 
         Organization Systems
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Call for Papers

Journal of Digital Information announces a Special Issue on
New Applications of Knowledge Organization Systems

Special issue Editors: Traugott Koch and Doug Tudhope
Lund University and University of Glamorgan

Submission deadline: 7 October 2003
Publication: January 2004

Submissions are sought for a special edition of JoDI on new applications
and contexts for Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS). This includes but is
not restricted to novel applications and representations of KOS in advanced
digital library (DL) and semantic Web environments.

This call builds on two recent NKOS workshops at JCDL 2003 in Houston, and
ECDL 2003 in Trondheim. A number of submissions have already been committed
based on presentations given at the workshops.

More generally, we welcome submissions that fit the scope of the call from
all interested parties and communities. Articles from a previous NKOS issue
(April 2001) rank among the most popular JoDI publications based on access

KOS services, such as classifications, gazetteers, lexical databases,
ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri model the underlying semantic structure
of a domain. Embodied as (Web) services, they can facilitate resource
discovery and retrieval. They act as semantic road maps and make possible a
common orientation by indexers and future users (whether human or machine).
However, using them to their full potential in advanced DL and semantic Web
applications poses various new challenges.

For more details, indicative topics and the submission procedure, see the
full call
All submissions will be subject to peer review.

The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only
via the Web. JoDI is currently free to all users thanks to support from the
British Computer Society and Oxford University Press.

Some Indicative Topics (not intended to be exhaustive)

Digital library requirements for integration of KOS into DL services
Standards for constructing, representing and applying KOS in digital
Namespaces and registries for KOS and KOS relationships
Maintenance and update of KOS

Distributed access to KOS, Web service applications
Interoperability, cross-browsing and cross-searching

Knowledge organisation as support for Web-based information retrieval
Knowledge organisation for filtering, information extraction, summary
Knowledge organisation for indexing and annotation

Knowledge organisation support for multilingual systems, natural language
Application of language engineering/terminology/corpus analysis with KOS

Semantic Web applications of KOS
Ontology description languages, standards and applications
XML/RDF representations for KOS content

User interfaces, KOS visualisation
Evaluation and studies of use, end-user interactions with KOS

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