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ANN: Skosmos 1.0, SKOS vocabulary browser and publishing tool

From: Osma Suominen <osma.suominen@helsinki.fi>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:05:27 +0200
Message-ID: <54F06B97.3040502@helsinki.fi>
To: "public-esw-thes@w3.org" <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
Hi all,

We are pleased to announce Skosmos 1.0, a tool for publishing SKOS 
vocabularies for both human and machine consumption. The version number 
signifies that this release is considered ready for general use.

Skosmos is an open source web-based SKOS browser being developed at the 
National Library of Finland. It can be used by e.g. libraries and 
archives as a publishing platform for controlled vocabularies such as 
thesauri, lightweight ontologies, classifications and authority files.

The 1.0 release brings support for all SKOS Core properties. The user 
interface is multilingual and available in five languages: English, 
Finnish, German, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Swedish.

Skosmos provides a multilingual user interface for browsing and 
searching the data and for visualizing concept hierarchies. The user 
interface has been developed by analysing the results of repeated 
usability tests. A developer-friendly REST API is also available 
providing RDF/XML, Turtle or JSON-LD serializations and Linked Data 
access for utilizing vocabularies in other applications such as 
annotation systems.

Skosmos relies on a SPARQL endpoint as its back-end and is written 
mainly in PHP. The main benefits of using a SPARQL endpoint is that the 
data provided by the service is always up to date. This allows fast 
update cycles in vocabulary development. The source code is available 
under the MIT license.

Skosmos was presented at the SWIB14 conference. A recording of the talk 
is available, as well as the presentation slides.
Slides: http://swib.org/swib14/slides/ylikotila_swib14_12.pdf

The Finnish national thesaurus and ontology service Finto.fi is built 
using Skosmos, which was formerly known as ONKI Light. Finto is used by 
indexers at the National Library and other libraries, as well as other 
organizations including the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and many 
museums. It is also used to support vocabulary development processes.

In addition to being used in Finto.fi, Skosmos is used by the Food and 
Agriculture Organization of the UN to provide a search interface to the 
AGROVOC multilingual agricultural thesaurus. The GACS project, which is 
an initiative to create a common agricultural concept sheme (also 
presented at SWIB14), is using Skosmos as a publication platform for 
thesauri and concept mappings. There are pilot installations of Skosmos 
also at Oslo University Library in Norway and in Germany at the 
Rhineland-Palatinate spatial data infrastructure initiative.

The software is developed on Github:

Version 1.0 can be found on the Releases page:

Documentation about installation, configuration and upgrading is 
available in the wiki:

Best regards,
Osma Suominen
Finto project team, National Library of Finland

Osma Suominen
D.Sc. (Tech), Information Systems Specialist
National Library of Finland
P.O. Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
Tel. +358 50 3199529
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