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ANN: Skosmos 1.4 released

From: Osma Suominen <osma.suominen@helsinki.fi>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 16:46:00 +0200
To: "public-esw-thes@w3.org" <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
Message-ID: <56741C28.2000908@helsinki.fi>
We are pleased to announce Skosmos 1.4, a tool for publishing SKOS 
vocabularies for both human and machine consumption. It has been a while 
since Skosmos releases have been announced here on public-esw-thes (the 
previous one was 1.0), so I decided to forward the release announcement.

Skosmos is an open source web-based SKOS browser being developed at the 
National Library of Finland. It can be used by e.g. libraries and 
archives as a publishing platform for controlled vocabularies such as 
thesauri, lightweight ontologies, classifications and authority files. 
The user interface is multilingual. In Skosmos 1.4 it is available in 
ten languages thanks to contributions from the user community.

The Finnish national thesaurus and ontology service Finto.fi is built 
using Skosmos. Finto is used by indexers at the National Library and 
other libraries, as well as other organizations including the Finnish 
Broadcasting Company YLE and many museums. It is also used to support 
vocabulary development processes. Elsewhere, Skosmos is used among 
others at FAO (UN), Rhineland-Palatinate spatial data initiative, ZBW, 
hbz, Oslo University Library, University of Tor Vergata and University 
of Vienna.

A website presenting Skosmos is at skosmos.org <http://skosmos.org/>. 
There is also a skosmos-users 
<https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21forum/skosmos-users> forum on 
Google Groups which interested people are invited to join.

Best regards and happy holidays,

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Subject: 	ANN: Skosmos 1.4 released
Date: 	Fri, 18 Dec 2015 04:24:49 -0800 (PST)
From: 	Osma Suominen <osma.suominen@helsinki.fi>
To: 	Skosmos Users <skosmos-users@googlegroups.com>

Skosmos 1.4 has been released!

This release brings support for new jena-text features in Jena 3 (Fuseki 
1.3.x/2.3.x). Thanks to these, text search functions and the 
alphabetical index are now 10-80% faster depending on the situation, and 
the search result pages now avoid listing the same concept twice even if 
it was matched via several labels. There is experimental support for 
using alternative text analyzers 
which can be used to enable search that targets individual words and/or 
ignores accents and other diacritics. A new tab showing most recently 
added concepts is also provided. A Chinese translation was contributed 
by the community and all other translations have also been updated.

Translation updates:

  * New Chinese translation by FAO
  * Updated French translation by Thomas Francart
  * Updated German translation by Joachim Neubert
  * Updated Italian translation by Armando Stellato
  * Updated Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk translations by Dan Michael O.
  * Updated Spanish translation by Karna Wegner

Usability improvements:

  * #140 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/140>, #358
    <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/358> New tab listing
    recently added concepts, based on dct:created timestamps on concepts.
  * #53 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/53> Search result
    pages no longer show the same concept multiple times when it is
    matched via different labels. The REST API search methods now have a
    |unique| parameter that controls this behavior (default is off).
  * #332 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/332> Option to use
    a dropdown list instead of links for language selection. This is
    controlled by the UI_LANGUAGE_DROPDOWN setting in config.inc.
  * #335 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/335> Show also the
    number of concept groups in the counts on the vocabulary front page.
  * #344 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/344> Show concept
    group notation codes in the "belongs to group" section on concept pages.
  * #346 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/346> Vocabulary
    selection dropdown is now sorted alphabetically.
  * added Skosmos favicon Skosmos favicon
    (can be overridden

Technical improvements:

  * #273 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/273>, #383
    <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/383> Uses new Jena
    3.0.0+ features in the jena-text index. This means faster searches
    and also a faster alphabetical index (can be 80% faster when there
    are many languages).
  * #313 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/313> Experimental
    support for jena-text alternative text analyzers
  * #372 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/372> Optimized
    handling of concept property information. Speeds up especially
    global search.
  * #339 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/339> Script to
    easily synchronize translation updates from Transifex to Skosmos code.

Bug fixes:

  * #347 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/347> Opening groups
    failed when labels are not available in the right language
  * #348 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/348> ConceptGroup
    page shows empty Hierarchy tab
  * #349 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/349> Global search
    fails to show more than 20 results
  * #350 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/350> Search
    incorrectly targets the default SPARQL endpoint when there are
    multiple results from the same vocabulary
  * #354 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/354>
    ThesaurusArrays not shown
  * #355 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/355> Language
    selection links don't respect BASE_HREF setting
  * #356 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/356>, #390
    <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/390> Autocomplete shows
    URI instead of label for some concept types, groups and arrays
  * #377 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/377> Missing groups
    in group view
  * #378 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/378> Feedback form
    not sent
  * #380 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/380> Feedback
    message shows referer instead of IP address
  * #381 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/381> Selecting a
    concept from autocomplete loses the content language
  * #385 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/385> Duplicated
    groups in group hierarchy when data contains both skos:member and
  * #394 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/394> dct:subject
    metadata from vocabulraries.ttl file mixed with own thesaurus metadata

Code quality improvements:

  * #360 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/360>
    vocabularies.ttl parsing refactored into its own class VocabularyConfig
  * #374 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/374> config.inc
    parsing refactored into its own class GlobalConfig
  * #373 <https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/issues/373> Switched to
    the new Trusty environment in Travis CI
  * Upgraded unit tests to PHPUnit 5 (but version 4.8 can still be used
    for PHP versions older than 5.6)
  * Started using Codacy
    <https://www.codacy.com/app/NatLibFi/Skosmos/dashboard> static
    analysis tool (overall score: B)
  * SensioLabs Insight
    score 82 of 100 (silver medal)
  * Scrutinizer
    <https://scrutinizer-ci.com/g/NatLibFi/Skosmos/?branch=master> score
    5.55 ("satisfactory")
  * Code Climate <https://codeclimate.com/github/NatLibFi/Skosmos> score
    1.12 of 4
  * Unit test coverage is at 76% (slightly down from 1.3 when it was 80%)
  * Remaining PHP code reformatted to comply with PSR-1 and PSR-2 style
  * many other potential bugs and problems fixed based on analysis
    reports by the above tools

For a more complete list of bug fixes and new features in this version, 
see issues tagged with the 1.4 milestone 

See the upgrade instructions 
<https://github.com/NatLibFi/Skosmos/wiki/Upgrading> in the wiki for 
information about upgrading from earlier versions. Note that this 
release requires using Fuseki 1.3.0+ or 2.3.0+, which in turn require a 
Java 8 environment.

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