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[Announcement] TemaTres 2.0 release is out! August 2015

From: diego ferreyra <tematres@r020.com.ar>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 17:00:35 -0300
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*** apologies for cross-posting ***

We are pleased to announce TemaTres 2.0, open source web tool to manage
formal representations of knowledge (Ontologies, Taxonomies, Thesauri,
glossaries,etc ).

Changelog TemaTres 2.0:
- Export to Moodle your vocabulary: now you can export to Moodle Glossary
XML format
- Metadata summary about each term and about your vocabulary (data about
terms, relations, notes and total descendants terms, deep levels, etc)
- New report: reports about terms with mapping relations, terms by status,
preferred terms, etc.
- New report: reports about terms without notes or specific type of notes
- Import the notes type defined by user (custom notes) using tagged file
- Select massively free terms to assign to other term
- Improve utilities to take terminological recommendations from other
vocabularies (more than 300: http://www.vocabularyserver.com/vocabularies/)
- Update Zthes schema to Zthes 1.0 (Thanks to Wilbert Kraan)
- Export the whole vocabulary to Metadata Authority Description Schema
- Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.
- Uses Bootstrap v3.3.4

Many thanks to the feedback provided by TemaTres community :)

About TemaTres: http://vocabularyserver.com/
Download TemaTres 2.0: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tematres/
TemaTres Demo: http://r020.com.ar/tematres/demo/index.php?setLang=en

Any comments or doubt are welcomed :)


How to update to Tematres 2.0 from 1.82:
- Replace the code but mantaine your db.tematres.php.

How to update to Tematres 2.0 from Tematres 1.6 (or preious version):
- Login as admin and go to: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance ->
Update 1.6 to 1.7

How to manage many vocabularies with Tematres
- Copy /vocab directory (example: vocab2/) and change the prefix tables in

How to enable SPARQL endpoint:
1) Login as admin and go to Menu -> Administration -> Configuration ->
Click in your vocabulary: Set as ENABLE SPARQL endpoint (by default is

2) Login as admin and Goto: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance ->
Update SPARQL endpoint.

Diego Ferreyra
Received on Monday, 10 August 2015 20:01:04 UTC

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