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SKOS - applicability

From: Drew <ddhunter@dundee.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 10:47:13 -0000
To: <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001101ca92ab$78d4b7f0$6a7e27d0$@ac.uk>
Hello, I am currently working on a project whereby we are trying to create
an online space for different groups of students to allow them to explore
ideas by creating multimedia stories about them.  For example they may
create a short multimedia story on a particular idea/concept such as
Television or Media etc etc.   We want to allow students to link the
concepts they create to other concepts in the system and build a kind of
concept map of the knowledge for each group.  


SKOS appears to be ideal for this kind of concept linking, albeit with a few
exceptions that I will detail below, but I would like to know if anyone
disagreed.  I suppose the alternative would be to use use rdfs and create a
schema specifically for this but SKOS already provides a great conceptual
framework for expressing this type of in-formal linking of concepts.


The exceptions that I mentioned above are really with regards to the

..         skos:related - I think this is too general and will need to be
extended, perhaps with a small collection of pre-defined subtypes or the
possibility of one subtype which allowed user to add their own label for the
relationship (though this option has some obvious issues when scale)

..         skos:definition - This is too formal I think we would need to add
a new type perhaps something like 'expression' that would have as its object
a uri to the story the user created to express their multimedia story on the


As I said I am really looking for some feedback on whether Skos, extended
with rdfs, would be suited to this type of application or whether a new rdfs
altogether would be more suitable.


Thanks in advance for any feedback at all.


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