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Markup of SKOS in HTML

From: Kevin Rapley <kevin@digikev.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 21:08:57 +0000
Message-ID: <COL109-W600E1D95898666190E1C6AEC440@phx.gbl>
To: <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
Hello all,

I am new to this list and also new to much of the semantic web. Please excuse my current ignorance, I hope by reading the specs and joining in here I will reach a higher level of understanding. But, for the time being my questions may be a little on the amateur side, please bare with me.

I am currently marking up the following:

                <div id="aside">
                    <div id="section-nav">
                            Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) used to specify wildlife categories that are
                            present within UK Wildlife
                        <ol class="menu" rel="skos:Concept rdf:about=http://ukwildlife.co.uk/concepts#wildlife">
                                <a href="/galleries/mammals/" property="skos:prefLabel">Mammals</a>
                                <a href="/galleries/birds-ornithology/" property="skos:prefLabel">Birds</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Ornithology</span>
                                <a href="/galleries/odonata-dragonflies-damselflies/" property="skos:prefLabel">Odonata</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Dragonflies</span>
                                <span property="skos:related">Damselflies</span>
                                <a href="/galleries/insects/" property="skos:prefLabel">Insects</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">arthropod </span>
                                <a href="/galleries/fungi/" property="skos:prefLabel">Fungi</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Mushrooms</span>
                                <a href="/galleries/spiders-arachnida/" property="skos:prefLabel">Spiders</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Arachnida</span>
                                <a href="/galleries/butterflies-papilionoidea/" property="skos:prefLabel">Butterflies</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Papilionoidea</span>
                                <span property="skos:related">Moths</span>
                                <a href="/galleries/amphibians-frogs-toads-newts/" property="skos:prefLabel">Amphibians</a>
                                <span property="skos:related">Frogs</span>
                                <span property="skos:related">Toads</span>
                                <span property="skos:related">Newts</span>
                    </div><!-- / #section-nav -->
                </div><!-- / #aside -->

This is also available at http://ukwildlife.digikev.co.uk/galleries/

The idea being to categorise a menu of gallery items relating to wildlife in the UK and related labelling systems. I am certain I have much wrong and would like some pointers. I have tried to search for marking up SKOS within HTML but haven't found a reliable resource yet. Many of the examples are XML based. If you are able to point me towards some SKOS in HTML examples and/or tutorials this would be fab.

I look forward to being enlightened.

Kevin Rapley
http://digikev.co.uk | Twitter: @digikev

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