Using DBpedia resources as skos:Concepts?


I want to get some broader feedback and opinion on this question.

There is a use case where an external dataset is modelled in SKOS, and  
we want to map it to DBpedia. Something like:

     a skos:Concept;
     owl:sameAs <>;

I've used owl:sameAs here. Now the problem is that my:433256 is a  
skos:Concept, while dbp:Michelle_Obama is a foaf:Person. I wonder  
wether that's a problem. I can't see any immediate contradiction  
arising from that, but I'm uncertain.

Another option would be to use skos:closeMatch or skos:exactMatch, but  
these are intended for use between skos:Concepts, while I'm trying to  
connect a skos:Concept to a foaf:Person.

The main question, I guess, is wether people in the DBpedia project  
would consider the assertion

     <> a skos:Concept .

to be acceptable or erroneous, or wether SKOS folks tell me that  
skos:Concept is obviously disjoint from foaf:Person.

I know that this is a complex issue, so I'm not really looking for a  
"right" or "wrong" answer. I'm more interested in getting all the pros  
and cons and pitfalls and caveats on the table, so please, if you have  
any opinion on the issue, I want to hear it.

I'm cc'ing Pat Hayes, because he said he's interested in that kind of  

All the best and thanks for your time,

Linked Data Technologist  Linked Data Research Centre
Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), NUI Galway, Ireland

Received on Wednesday, 4 November 2009 00:57:31 UTC