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Re: SKOS comment: Grouping Concept Schemes

From: Jakob Voss <jakob.voss@gbv.de>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 13:32:14 +0100
Message-ID: <47A1BFCE.5080502@gbv.de>
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Hi Antoine,

you wrote:

> I have indeed nothing against introducing a superclass 
> (ConceptGrouping?) of ConceptScheme and Collection that would be the 
> domain of "member" (or the range of a renamed "inscheme"). I am however 
> unconfortable with declaring one as the subclass of the other, since 
> their logics seems slightly different (CS group concepts to define 
> vocabularies, Collection group concepts for structuring the content of a 
> vocabulary)

So is Collection for "structuring" and CS to "define vocabularies"? 
Isn't "defining a vocabulary" always a way of "structuring"? My first 
motivation was to create an easy way to group concept schemes and so I 
came to the question what skos:member and skos:inScheme mean. There are 
four cases to be covered by SKOS:

1. the membership of a concept to a concept scheme (inScheme?)
2. the membership of a concept to a collection (member?)
3. the membership of a concept scheme to a concept scheme (?)
4. the membership of a collection to a collection (member?)

Point 3 is not defined yet. Furthermore the semantics have to be 
clarified: which membership is transitive? which membership implies 
another membership relation?

> If you allow for nested concept schemes, then "member" should be 
> transitive (if a concept C1 is a member of CS1 which is a member of CS2 
> then C1 is a member of CS2). But this doesn't work for nested 
> collection, as you rightly put it in [3]: if C1 is a member of Coll1 
> which is a member of Coll2 then C1 is not a member of Coll2

Well, I am not sure why you need "if a concept C1 is a member of CS1 
which is a member of CS2 then C1 is a member of CS2". We should better 
define what "beeing a member of a Collection" means compared to "beeing 
in a scheme".


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