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Re: [ISSUE-77] [ISSUE-48] Re: [Dbpedia-discussion] Skos subject properties are deprecated

From: Mikael Nilsson <mikael@nilsson.name>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 14:31:18 +0100
To: Jakob Voss <jakob.voss@gbv.de>
Cc: public-esw-thes@w3.org
Message-Id: <1201267878.11008.25.camel@daneel>

On fre, 2008-01-25 at 13:51 +0100, Jakob Voss wrote:
> Ontologies are not about feeling. If the term "subject" has a special 
> connotation then how about calling the relation "smirgel" or "kstfxy"? 
> Because that's what an RDF relation looks like to a Computer. There is 
> no inherent semantic in a relation but its usage - the usage of 
> skos:subject is to connect skos:Concept and any other resource. That's 
> all. There is no "aboutness" in RDF (unless you define it).

Well, not all information is declared in RDF schema or OWL - a lot of
the information is conveyed in human language definitions and usage
guides - and those in turn will influence how people implement and use
the SKOS vocabulary.

In effect, I think both skos:subject and dcterms:subject convey an
"aboutness" in the URI *and* in the associated guidelines, that is
inappropriate for the general case of a relationship between a resource
and a Concept. Getting the *connotations* right is as important as
getting the *definitions* right, if we are to succeed in enhancing
interoperability and not create unnecessary confusion.

That said, it seems we mostly agree :-) 



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