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Re: [SKOS] ISSUE-33 "Minimal Fix" Proposal

From: Jakob Voss <jakob.voss@gbv.de>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 10:05:00 +0200
Message-ID: <464969AC.9020900@gbv.de>
To: public-esw-thes@w3.org
Miles, AJ (Alistair) wrote:

> I've written up a possible resolution to ISSUE-33: GroupingConstructs
> on the SWDWG wiki, see:
> <http://www.w3.org/2006/07/SWD/wiki/SkosDesign/GroupingConstructs/ProposalOne?action=recall&rev=8>
> Note that I am not necessarily endorsing this proposal. This is a
> proposal which attempts to fix the issue with the minimum amount of
> change to the current SKOS specifications. There may, however, be
> good reasons for making more substantial changes, which are hinted at
> in the discussion. I'll try to write up some alternatives asap.

I just wrote a paper about encoding ISO 3166 in SKOS - this includes
usage of grouping in a classification. I consider the semantics of
skos:Collection and skos:CoceptScheme mostly the same.

See the attached image:

"ISO 3166", "ISO 3166-1", "ISO 3166-2", "ISO 3166-2:FR", "metropolitan
regions", and "metropolitan departements" are groupings that are nested
hierarchically. I am not definitely sure what relation to use for
nesting groupings but it should explicitely be stated in the spec of
people will mix and use skos:narrower / skos:broader.


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