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MetaKnowledge Mash-up day, London 17 Sept 2007

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The KIDMM project of the British Computer Society

invites participation in a "MetaKnowledge Mash-up"

on data, information and knowledge management

Central London, 10:00 - 5:00, 17 September 2007


Putting the word "information" back into IT!

KIDMM stands for "Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata

Management" and is an experimental knowledge community

hosted and supported by the British Computer Society.

KIDMM has its roots in collaboration between a dozen BCS

Specialist Groups on areas of common concern, but now also

has active participation from non-BCS professionals working

in areas such as information management and policy,

knowledge organisation etc.

Our "MetaKnowledge Mash-up" is a gathering to compare and

put together what we know about the use of ICT in managing

data and information resources and human knowledge: a task

which is rapidly becoming the pre-eminent use to which

society puts computers. However, the focus will be only

partially on technology, as we recognise that successful

management of data, information and knowledge requires a

range of intellectual skills from the worlds of social

science, management, librarianship, information design,

usability etc.

Our morning session will hear a number of concise

contributions from KIDMM group members and others:

   #  an overview of current issues and solutions in

      information search and retrieval

   #  an overview of methods of adding structure and context

      to unstructured content, and the role of metadata

   #  how the Victoria and Albert Museum has integrated its

      collections databases using a common data model

   #  geospatial information management techniques for

      integrated transport systems

   #  the role of controlled vocabularies in enabling semantic

      interoperability between systems supporting healthcare


   #  the future for data and text mining in commercial

      and non-commercial organisations

(This list is not final; other topics will be supported

as volunteers come forward to address them.)

The afternoon sessions are designed to be more participatory,

and will examine issues of information and knowledge management

within organisations, professional societies etc.

This will include discussion of how an organisation can

best organise, classify and make discoverable its knowledge

resources, and how Web 2.0 style technology infrastructures

can support the evolution of knowledge communities and

communities of practice.

The Mash-up is being subsidised by the BCS, but there will

be a charge of 20 for the day to cover lunch etc.

Find out more at:

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