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RE: Use AND type references

From: Stella Dextre Clarke <sdclarke@lukehouse.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 10:56:40 +0100
To: "'Lori Finch'" <lfinch@nal.usda.gov>, <public-esw-thes@w3.org>
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Hi Lori, good to see you are still active in this area!
I agree this type of complex relationship occurs in many thesauri. It is
provided for in ISO 2788 and in the forthcoming BS 8723 Part 2. In
practice, I notice that few software products handle it satisfactorily.
The logical model for how to handle it is quite challenging. And I guess
that's why SKOS may find it difficult too.
When it comes to mappings between thesauri, the need to represent
mappings to combinations of terms/concepts becomes all the more common.
At a recent NKOS meeting in Vienna, I think I heard Alistair Miles say
he was working on a solution.... 

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Subject: Use AND type references

Pardon if this was already discussed - 


I don't see an accommodation of USE "AND-TYPE" cross references in the
SKOS core nor in the SKOS Extensions.


An example of AND-type cross reference in thesauri:


cut flower production USE cut flowers

                               AND crop production


This indicates to the indexer and searcher to use both preferred terms,
"cut flower" AND "crop production" for indexing and retrieval of the
concept "cut flower production".


For NISO Z39.19 thesaurus standard, this is section 8.2.5.
"Cross-references to Elements of Compound Terms"


Any previous discussion or suggestions for how these can be handled in





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