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Entailing SKOS Inferences in Kowari

From: David Wood <dwood@mindswap.org>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 15:47:24 +0000
Message-Id: <1D2E7984-8A10-413B-8F88-8B131BFDD5CA@mindswap.org>
To: public-esw-thes@w3.org

Hi all,

The Kowari Metastore [1] has a new rules engine built into it for the  
upcoming version 1.1 release, called krule.  Krule may be pronounced  
'kay-rule' or 'cruel', as you desire :)  Paul Gearon, the developer  
of krule, has used it to allow the entailment of RDFS rules.  In  
brief, one may apply a set of rules implementing RDFS to a set of RDF  
statements and have new statements created.

I thought it might be nice to use krule to entail SKOS rules :)

In looking over the SKOS Core Guide, it seems to me that only the  
inferencing rules would need to be applied.  There seem to be three  
of them:

   Subject Generality Rule

   (?i skos:subject ?x) (?x skos:broader ?y)
   (?i skos:subject ?y)

   Collectable Property Rule

   (?x ?p ?c) (?c skos:member ?m) (?p rdf:type skos:CollectableProperty)
   (?x ?p ?m)

   Ordered Collection Membership Rule

   (?c skos:memberList ?l) elementOfList(?e,?l)
   (?c skos:member ?e)
   ... where 'elementOfList' is a function that returns true if the  
first argument is an element of the RDF list for which the second  
argument is the head.

The elementOfList function could be interesting, but I'll tackle that  
as it comes...

Am I missing anything?  I would like to try to implement these rules  
in Krule before the end of the year and ship them with the Kowari  
v1.1 release in January.  Any comments/help appreciated!

[1]  http://kowari.org/

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