[WNET],[PORT] WordNet datamodel

Hi WNET folks,

I'm trying to understand the wordnet datamodel [1] and have a couple of questions ...

Have I got these cardinalities right:
 - [:Synset] :containsWordSense [:WordSense] is 1 to n.
 - [:Word] :sense [:WordSense] is 1 to n.
... ? 

Have I got this right: 
 - there are no properties for asserting a relationship between a :Synset and a :Word.  A resource of type :WordSense represents a relationship between a :Word and a :Synset.
... ?

What property is used to assert the lexical form of a :Word?

Are resources of type :Word to be given URIs?  Or are they to be identified via an IFP?  (I'm thinking that giving URIs to words is both a bad idea and unecessary, if the identity of a resource of type :Word could be established by an IFP.)

Are resources of type :WordSense to be given URIs?  Or will they be blank nodes?

Why are some properties (e.g. :holonymOf :substanceMeronymOf :antonymOf :entails etc.) linking resources of type :Synset whereas other properties (e.g. :derivationallyRelated :participleOf :adverbPertainsTo etc.) link resources of type :WordSense?  What is the fundamental difference between these two groups of properties?

What exactly *is* a resource of type :WordSense?  What *is* a resource of type :Synset?  Which of these classes (if either) could be declared to be a sub-class of the skos:Concept class?



[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/WNET/wordnet_datamodel.owl

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> >>>I can see the data model in the download directory, but the
> >>>data model
> >>>isn't much practical use without the data. Do you have a version of
> >>>wordnet in OWL, marked-up using the datamodel schema you provide?
> >>
> >>  not yet: we'll discuss it at today's telecon ... I think it's
> >>  quite straightforward, requiring a basic transform from the
> >>  original tables into owl-rdf
> >
> >>  [snip]
> >>  you're right ... an overall picture can be got from the original
> >>  wordnet site, but documentation of the owl datamodel is 
> going to be
> >>  included in the TF note we are expected to produce shortly
> >
> >I was wondering if there was any progress on these goals 
> (the TF note or
> >the Wordnet dataset marked-up using your OWL/RDF schema)?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Ian
> Hi Ian, there is some delay from me :). Let's say that TF and dataset 
> should be ready by the end of next week. When done, I'll propose a 
> dedicated telecon for this and other issues. If anyone has worked (or 
> is willing to work) on WNET, please let me know.
> --Aldo
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