Re: comment: FOAF Depiction and Symbolic Labelling

(copying MaxF re the Voice aspects)

* Karl Dubost <> [2005-05-16 17:15-0400]
> Hi,
> [[[ Symbolic Labelling
> Symbolic labelling means labelling a concept with an image.]]]
> If I understood the group has given the possibility to create text to  
> give label to concepts.
>     skos:prefLabel
>     skos:altLabel
> And in a second time, "hmm maybe we should have images", then
>     skos:prefSymbol
>     skos:altSymbol
> So I thought "Ok, because images can convey a generic meaning, for  
> example an icon." and in second time, I thought
> "Well what about sounds ! I could be in an environment where the  
> sound will be my UI."
> And I thought about the way we are conveying understanding in our  
> world: touch, smell, etc.
> So why more images than than something else?

One motivation for this was discussion with the BLISS folks (via Charles
I think). Ah yes,
not BLISS directly maybe (sorry am hazy on the acronyms), but 
CCF and concept coding, see (some 404s),
via SWAD-Europe image description workshop in Madrid last year.

Other extensions could also be interesting. While we could debate which 
things go in core vocab and which in other namespaces, it might be more
fun to set that aside for now (while noting that SKOS is only a Working
Draft at this stage, and could change), and explore possibilities 
for such extensions. Was there something specific you had in mind? Audio
I think could be very interesting, particularly for SKOS concept that is 
close to the electronic dictionary space, eg. lexical databases such 
as Wordnet (although SWBPD WG isn't using SKOS for Wordnet currently).
Where a concept is lexicalised, we could point to sound clips, or 
Speech Synth markup (eg. see ...could have
interesting application to accessibility, voice/mobile and perhaps 
language learning apps...



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