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RE: semantic problems?

From: Miles, AJ (Alistair) <A.J.Miles@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:06:13 +0100
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To: 'Leo Sauermann' <leo@gnowsis.com>
Cc: public-esw-thes@w3.org

Hi Leo,

In relation to option (3) described below, actually I don't know if I would
call it a 'hack' ... this seems to me like a perfectly reasonable way to use
SKOS (if we accept the point of view from the 'denotes' argument that it's
OK for a resource to be both a skos:Concept and an rdfs:Class :)



... I've also thought of an Option (3), where you describe everything as in
Option (2) using your own vocab or e.g. Danny's project vocab, then you
declare every property you want to be rendered hierarchically as a
sub-property of skos:broader.  

So e.g. if you have:

ex:aProj	a	ex:Project;
			rdfs:label	'ISWC 2004 participation'.

ex:aSubProj		a	ex:Project;
				rdfs:label	'Travel to Japan';
				ex:subProjectOf	ex:aProj.

... then you declare additionally:

rdf:type 	rdfs:subPropertyOf		skos:broader.
ex:subProjectOf	rdfs:subPropertyOf		skos:broader.


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Subject: RE: semantic problems?

Hi Leo,

I would do one of the following:

* Option (1) - Pure SKOS

Do everything in just SKOS, and ignore the extended semantics 
of a project
hierarchy, i.e. ...

ex:Project	skos:prefLabel	'Projects'.
ex:aProj	skos:prefLabel	'ISWC 2004 participation';
			skos:broader	ex:Project.

ex:aSubProj		skos:prefLabel	'Travel to Japan';
				skos:broader	ex:aProj.

* Option (2) - Pure RDFS/OWL

Capture the semantics of the Project hierarchy by defining 
some classes and
properties, i.e. ...

ex:Project	a	rdfs:Class;
			rdfs:label	'Projects'.

ex:subProjectOf	a	rdf:Property;
'sub-project of'.

... which you can then use to describe instance data, e.g. ...

ex:aProj	a	ex:Project;
			rdfs:label	'ISWC 2004 participation'.

ex:aSubProj		a	ex:Project;
				rdfs:label	'Travel to Japan';
				ex:subProjectOf	ex:aProj.

Tradeoff between two options is convenience versus semantics.


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Subject: semantic problems?

I have some semantical problems with how to write skos conceptSchemes.

my task:
write a project management tool. Tool offers a concept of project and
subprojects, the subprojects may be of different types. Possible
subproject-types are "meeting" "milestone" "presentation" 
then I can also add resources to projects, these are "people" "tools"
so a project contains subprojects and resources

now I have project instances like 
"project ISWC 2004" -preparing a paper
"project gnowsis" -  open source framework i develop
"project world takeover" - take over the world

my problems:
I made the error of rdfs:subClassing the project of skos:concept :-)
gno:project rdfs:subClassOf skos:Concept
- that's bogus?

When I make "project instances" - how to i determine for which project
instance which concepts are now possible and how do i link them?
so for example, when i make a new project "X", the Concept of 
the project
may have some default structure, or when the user wants to 
add sub-projects,
how would they be related etc....

X skos:broaderInstantive gno:project.
X skos:prefLabel "ISWC 2004 participation"
X  skos:narrowerPartitive SubX
SubX skos:broaderInstantive gno:TravelSubproject
SubX  skos:prefLabel "travel to japan"

is this "right" ???

(examples would help, see my other post)


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