RE: [A11Y] minutes from Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Mar 23, at 14 UTC



The minutes are at:


Thank you, John for minuting. 


The Accessibility Summary abstract was updated and approved. Other work on
the Accessibility Summary will happen in the future. A larger group with
wider representation is needed to develop this further.





From: Avneesh Singh <> 
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 9:14 AM
Subject: RE: [A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu,
Mar 23, at 14 UTC


Sorry, I missed out changing the date and time in body of the email.

Correcting the date in the email text below.


With regards


Dear all,


The conference call for accessibility task force of Publishing CG is
scheduled at the following time.

Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 14:00 UTC.

Local time:


I will not be available for March 23 con call, so George will utilize it for
accessibility summary guide sub task force.


The initial agenda is as follows, it can be expanded further.


1. Finalize the AccessibilitySummary authoring guide.

Document is at:


2. Any other business.


The details of Zoom Conference Line are in the attached calendar invite.

IRC channel: #pcg-a11y


port: 6665 or 6667


With regards

Avneesh Singh

Received on Thursday, 23 March 2023 15:08:08 UTC