RE: [A11Y] User Experence Guide updated Acknowledgements section

Dear All,
On our last call we discussed updating the Acknowledgements section. Below
is the list as it currently stands.
If you want to be included or removed, send an email to
<>  with your request.
The list is:
. Avneesh Singh
. Charles LaPierre
. Dave Cramer
. George Kerscher
. Gregorio Pellegrino
. Jason White
. Madeleine Rothberg
. Matt Garrish
. Rachel Comerford
. Rick Johnson
. Gautier Chomel
. Chris Oliver
. Jonas Lillqvist
. Hadrien Gardeur
. ChrisSaynor
. Naomi Kennedy
. Miia Kirsi
. Simon Mellons
. James Yanchak
Ha wonderful holiday!

Received on Wednesday, 20 December 2023 22:25:26 UTC