Re: Let's introduce ourselves

Hello all,

Thank you Zheng for getting this introductory ball rolling…

My name is Jens Troeger, currently in Brisbane AU (thanks to COVID) but I used to live in the Seattle area before the pandemic.

While my professional background is deeply rooted in computer science, I also have a passion for books and typography. Several years ago I started Bookalope which allows me to indulge in both of these passions 🤓

Bookalope is a set of AI-assisted tools that analyze documents and manuscripts to help creating accessible e/print books with more efficiency and autonomy. That includes converting old/invalid ebooks to accessible new ebook formats. On Twosday 22. Feb 22 we released version two of Bookalope, which was a big step forward. Recently we also published a new version of an InDesign extension which allows for a tighter integration between the active document and our server-side tooling. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk about e/print book production, accessibility, and AI-assisted automation!

And in addition to Bookalope I also work with Firebrand on some of their backend tools.

Excited to be part of this group and I’m curious to find out where the discussions will take us…

With kind regards,

Jens Tröger, Founder of Bookalope
twitter: @bookalope
phone: +61-424-893427

Received on Thursday, 17 March 2022 22:33:18 UTC