RE: [A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Feb 3, at 16 UTC

I’m sorry – I totally missed this on my calendar. Late regrets

Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Principal

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Thanks, Avneesh!

I too, must send regrets as I have a conflict at that time.

All best in your work!

  *   Pascal

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From: Avneesh Singh <<>>
Sent: February 2, 2022 4:12 AM
Subject: [A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Feb 3, at 16 UTC

Dear all,

The conference call for accessibility task force of Publishing CG is scheduled at the following time.
Thursday, February 3, 2022, at 16:00 UTC.
Local time:<*task*force*meeting*3A*Publishing*CG&iso=20220203T16&p1=*3A&ah=1__;KysrJSsrJQ!!N11eV2iwtfs!qAtjZG-HOKx8BKL_kq6QsfPUVn_Ccd89KVbuafrxnP2r6gbTviSJBMnviFl6bzYHLrsuNPS0A68pc8eV_G5lDxFcOwI$>

The initial agenda is as follows, it can be expanded further.

1. Continue identifying important DPUB ARIA roles.
After wait of many years Google Chrome and Google Playbooks have implemented DPUB ARIA roles, which is working well with talkback on Android. Great!
We have been encouraging other browsers and reading systems to implement the same, consequently we had a deep dive call of ARIA working group. The relevant GitHub issue is at:<;!!N11eV2iwtfs!qAtjZG-HOKx8BKL_kq6QsfPUVn_Ccd89KVbuafrxnP2r6gbTviSJBMnviFl6bzYHLrsuNPS0A68pc8eV_G5lftNy1Dk$>
The outcome of the call was to identify more frequently used DPUB ARIA roles and place them as examples in ARIA authoring practices, in order to encourage implementation of key roles.
We will continue the work on identifying more important DPUB ARIA roles in Feb 3call. The spread sheet is at:<;!!N11eV2iwtfs!qAtjZG-HOKx8BKL_kq6QsfPUVn_Ccd89KVbuafrxnP2r6gbTviSJBMnviFl6bzYHLrsuNPS0A68pc8eV_G5loa10wy4$>

2. How to group the DPUB ARIA roles for presenting them to ARIA WG?

3. Next call?

The details of Zoom Conference Line are in the attached calendar invite. (These are same as Jan 27 call)
IRC channel: #pcg-a11y
port: 6665 or 6667

With regards
Avneesh Singh

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