Interactive Media Community Group

Hello. I am pleased to share that a new Community Group has been proposed: the Interactive Media Community Group.

The Interactive Media Community Group is interested in all forms of interactive media, e.g., branching narratives, digital gamebooks, interactive films, and serious games. This group considers and discusses how standardization can support all forms of interactive media. This group may work on a number of deliverables, reports, and specifications.

One of the technologies that the Interactive Media Community Group shall work on is (tentatively) called Advanced Media Processing Language (AMPL).

Here is a rough-draft sketch:

<ampl version="0.1">
      <thread name="default">
          <video src="branch1.webm" />
          <switch src="menu.cml" script="choice.js" onswitch="f1">
            <case value="1">
              <video src="branch2.webm" />
            <case value="2">
              <video src="branch3.webm" />
            <case value="undefined" default="true">
              <video src="branch4.webm" />
          <video src="branch5.webm" />

The sketch intends to show that AMPL resources can be utilized to generate media streams such that choice-point menus can be presented to users and media segments selected based on users’ menu interactions. The sketch intends to show that interactive videos can be described using a markup language which includes control flow structures: switch/case and label/goto.

Interactive media, e.g., interactive videos, can enhance digital publications, e.g., digital textbooks, in a number of interesting ways. Brainstorming, the video segments could be instructional content, e.g., an interactive how-to video, and/or the menus presented to users could be multiple-choice questions in a new type of quiz or survey.

If you have a moment, please consider supporting the creation of the new group: . After the proposed Community Group receives five votes in support of its creation, I invite you to also consider joining the new group. Thank you.

Best regards,
Adam Sobieski

Received on Tuesday, 1 February 2022 21:12:22 UTC