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Re: DAISY Publishes White Paper on the Benefits of EPUB 3

From: Ruth Tait <artbyrt@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 12:31:55 -0400
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To: Kerscher@montana.com
Hello everyone at Daisy:

Congratulations! I am SO happy with this initiative. I feel I’ve been an isolated voice speaking for a more global use for the EPUB3 format outside of the pure publisher world.

Thank you and well done!

[Next, (on my wish-list) is to find a functional, standards-compliant ‘export to EPUB3’ Word protocol that works in a mac….]

ruth tait
O: 613 604 2781

> On Sep 11, 2020, at 11:57 AM, Kerscher@montana.com wrote:
> Dear W3C Publishing community,
> Sorry for the cross posting.
> The DAISY Consortium has published a white paper encouraging the use of Born Accessible EPUB 3 files for corporate, government and university publications and documents. We believe this marks a point in time when the EPUB 3  format  begins to work its way into the mainstream.
> I encourage you to read the white paper, and to share it broadly, especially to decision makers  in your company or organization.
> Links to the White Paper in all formats:
> https://daisy.org/MDPWhitepaper <https://daisy.org/MDPWhitepaper>
> The News article on the DAISY Website:
> https://daisy.org/news-events/news/daisy-publishes-white-paper-on-the-benefits-of-epub-3/ <https://daisy.org/news-events/news/daisy-publishes-white-paper-on-the-benefits-of-epub-3/>
> The Press release:
> https://daisy.org/info-help/document-archive/press-release-epub-3-the-strategic-solution-for-your-digital-documents/ <https://daisy.org/info-help/document-archive/press-release-epub-3-the-strategic-solution-for-your-digital-documents/>
> Best
> George
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