Re: virtual pages is it a best practice?

Hi Heather and all,

> Virtual pages can also support the implementation of back-of-the-book style browsable indexes. Index entries in print point to page numbers; index entries in ebooks should redirect to the virtual page. Index entries refer to topics discussed, perhaps in a paragraph or more, not to merely a matching single word in the text, thus a link to a "page" is more appropriate than a link to a word in the middle of a sentence.  

I'm not in love with the concept of "virtual pages". There are no pages in a digital scroll.
There was a good tool in ePub to select a single word, paragraphs or more: the Canonical Fragment Identifiers.
I never see a real support for CFI and now it is gone: why? And why create another wheel when the CFI was a good digital way to link to a "place" inside an ebook and have a sharable definition?

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