RE: virtual pages is it a best practice?

Hi Jason,

I tried that approach at Wiley briefly. The feedback I got from users was fairly negative. People are used to the concept of a "page" and didn't adapt well to thinking about paragraphs. It is possible that locators are ranges would work in the future, but change is hard. The page has been around for hundreds of years.


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Subject: RE: virtual pages is it a best practice?

In the absence of a physical medium such as a print or braille page, I think we should look toward alternative means of reference (for example, "chapter 1, section 2, paragraph 3"). We should provide navigational support within reading tools to support these references.

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Subject: virtual pages is it a best practice?

Hi EPUB 3 folks,

We have brought up the practice of including virtual pages before. The go to page function in titles that have a print equivalent  is fabulous, but what if there is no print version?

A quick check of character of documents I have handy shows that there is approximately 2k of characters on a page. I would think that a best practice of placing a page break indicator between block items closest to that 2k count would work well. Of course, this cannot be a requirement, but I wonder about publishing it as a best practice. IMO it would help in figuring out how large a title is.

Thoughts welcome.

Happy GAAD

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