Reading Systems and presentation of TOC

Dear EPUB 3 CG,
I recently demoed a wonderful EPUB 3 title from Macmillan Learning. It is
595 pages and has over 700 entries in the TOC.
I believe reading systems should have the ability to expand and collapse
items. Because the navdoc is nested lists, this should be possible. I have
seen one of the reading systems do this.
It probably depends on the type of data structure the Reading System
implementor  selects. I think a tree view provides for the ability to expand
and collapse sub-branches of the tree.
I don't know exactly where this fits, but it is a general usability issue,
which has more of an impact on users of Assistive Technology like a screen
reader. It just makes it easier  and faster to navigate the TOC. Of course
the content provider needs to deliver the TOC as nested lists, but the RS
needs to provide this functionality.
Thoughts welcome.
Thought this would  be a good post for "Global Accessibility Awareness Day"
Happy GAAD
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