Chemistry for the Web and Publishing Community Group proposal announced

Dear EPUB 3 folks,

FYI,, based on discussions at our last CG call, we have created the Chemistry on the Web and Publishing CG. We need the votes to make it to the next step. Please find the information below.

On behalf of the chairs: Dan Barrett, , Cary Supalo, and I

Your 2019-05-13 proposal for the Chemistry for the Web and Publishing Community Group has been announced:

This is a permanent URL for this announcement. We invite you to share
it with others to encourage their support of the group. 

Once at least 5 people have supported the proposal, the group will be
launched and people will be able to join. We will notify you by email
of the launch and provide a new URL for people to join the group.

You may receive comments on your proposal via the W3C blog. We invite
you to reply to the comments via the blog.

If you wish to change the description of the group, please send you
change request to

Thank you,

CG/BG System

Received on Monday, 13 May 2019 19:25:40 UTC