Re: EPUBCheck v4.2.0-rc released: EPUB 3.2 is now fully supported!

Congratulations to everyone on the release!

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 4:31 AM toshiaki koike <> wrote:

> Congratulations !
> I've checked several books (EPUB 3.0.1), and no probrem until now.
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> On 2019 3月 18日 (月), 11:54 午後, Romain <> wrote:
> Hi everyone, EPUBCheck v4.2.0-rc, a release candidate of the forthcoming
> v4.2.0 version, is now available at the following page:
> With this Release
> Candidate, EPUBCheck now features full support for EPUB 3.2. The changes
> since the last beta release include support for remote fonts, remote
> resources in scripts, checking the reading order in the Navigation
> Document, extended support to HTML’s 'picture' element and 'srcset'
> attribute, as well as various other bug fixes and small improvements
> (details in the release notes, on the release page). This release is the
> last step before the final release. It’s now the right time to test it in
> your own production workflows! Please keep in mind however that although
> this release candidate version is not _yet_ intended for production, we
> don’t expect to add any new features before release v4.2.0. In other words,
> if this release works for you in production, v4.2.0 will (that is, unless
> we get some precious bug reports!). Feedback is warmly welcome, via replies
> to this email or directly to our issue tracker on GitHub:
> Many thanks to everyone who
> contributed! Best, Romain.

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