Hello EPUB 3 CG


I am Zheng (can call me Jeff as well) from Rakuten Kobo and just joined the EPUB3 CG from today.

I am senior software developer working on reading system cross platform and also write some tool or play around with css for ebook at spare time.

I very like the way that epub3 defines how reading system to render a digital content but on the other hand it's still very hard (not that hard comparing with 5 years ago) for publisher/creator who wants to focus on writing publication rather than html. Looking at current reading system it was like web browser at maybe 10 years ago that you have to write content differently to let it rendered in an acceptable way cross reading systems. I believe through EPUB3 CG I can help contribute on making content creation work easier for publisher and try to define some practicable way to keep reading system consistent(or let creator less suffer from different rending system).

I am not be able to join you guys today due to meeting conflict but look forward to next Thursday.



Received on Thursday, 14 June 2018 15:37:15 UTC