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Hi all

Andrew, Denis (he is on vacation, but emailed) and I have the following
strategy approach for this resource:

   * Determine if the resource is still appropriate - is it obsolete, do
most organisations already have this developed, etc.
   * Review existing resource and determine which ones are:
       o Obsolete - remove
       o Outdated - need updating - e.g. Accessibility Topics - lots about
moving to WCAG 2.0 and should probably include information on 2.1 and Silver
       o Which subjects are duplicated elsewhere - thinking of the
"promoting web accessibility" for senior management - some of this material
may also be in the business case resource
   * Determine sources for new presentations:
       o Has someone created something that we can use?
       o What are the gaps that haven't been addressed?
       o Make suggestions for new resources to be developed over time?

We plan to meet next week when Denis gets back from vacation, providing
Andrew isn't busy packing and moving.  I know he will be, but we'll see how
we can at least touch base.

As usual, I'm a but fuzzy about how/where to put this information.  I can
see in the EOWA document:

That there is a spot to put the summary etc. and project plan dates.
However, from memory, we were to submit this plan to the group, weren't we?
Sorry to sound confused, it's a bit constant these days with work
commitments.  Can you help me to understand the steps and how/where we put
information, as I'm still trying to familiarise myself with GitHub and get
some actual work done at the same time?

Please be advised that I check my emails at approximately 9am and 4pm each
day (more or less).  If you require assistance sooner, please feel free to




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