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RE: EOWG F2F at AHG in Nov

From: Chris O'Brien <chris.obrien@ami.ca>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 16:54:20 +0000
To: Shawn Henry <shawn@w3.org>, Sharron Rush <srush@knowbility.org>, Howard Kramer <howard.kramer@Colorado.EDU>, Rachel Comerford <Rachel.Comerford@macmillan.com>, "Bakken, Brent" <brent.bakken@pearson.com>, Eric Eggert <ee@w3.org>
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Hi Shawn,

Time works for me. I might be a few minutes late (I present in the morning).



Chris O'Brien
Accessibility Officer
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To: Sharron Rush <srush@knowbility.org>; Howard Kramer <howard.kramer@Colorado.EDU>; Rachel Comerford <Rachel.Comerford@macmillan.com>; Chris O'Brien <chris.obrien@ami.ca>; Bakken, Brent <brent.bakken@pearson.com>; Eric Eggert <ee@w3.org>
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Subject: Re: EOWG F2F at AHG in Nov

Howard -- how is that time looking for us to get a room at the conference site?

Sharron, Rachel, Chris, Eric -- I should have said:
"please reply and let us know if that time will work for you" :-) (time already worked out with Dave Sloan)


On 10/11/2018 5:44 PM, Shawn Henry wrote:
> Hi all,
> Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado in a few weeks!
> At the Accessing Higher Ground conference in November, we're planning
> a small face-to-face meeting to work on integrating guidance for
> accessible online learning into EOWG resources.(Start of Requirements
> Analysis, albeit incomplete, is at
> <https://github.com/w3c/wai-eo-online-learning/wiki/Requirements-Analy

> sis>)
> We're currently considering meeting Thursday 15 November from 10:30am - 2:00pm+.
> (Howard, for that time we'd need a room that allows us to have food. A
> projector and conference phone would be nice, but we can do without if
> needed.)
> If that time will not work for you, let us know right away.
> Thanks,
> ~Shawn for Sharron & Brent
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