Reminder: W3C eGov October 19 meeting Agenda, 8-9:30 am PST

Just a reminder for today's meeting!

Hi all--

Great recent discussion on the Clay Shirky video.  Let's carry forward this energy into the next meeting, on October 19.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for discussion next time, please let Jeanne or Tomas know!

  1.  Dial: +1-617-761-6200 or<> then conference code 3468# ("EGOV#")
  2.  W3C IRC channel #egov, see IRC Information page <> or use the Web interface <>
  3.  Archive of information and agenda at


  1.  Presentation on Social Media in Taiwan (TH Schee) (attached)
     *   A timeline is provided of all the open data development in Taiwan has been provided (English version soon):<>
     *   Presentation at
     *   NOTE: TH has had a family medical emergency and will not be presenting today
  2.  Presentation on Social Media at NASA (Jeanne Holm)
  3.  Summary of previous 3 months of key social media uses by governments and best practices (Jeanne)
     *   A list of best practices, suggestions, and examples will be posted on the wiki and presented
     *   We encourage everyone to add more.  This will serve as a template for the other topics we'll be covering as well.
  4.  Brainstorm ideas for the community directory project
     *   What information should we share, how to document, how to maintain
  5.  Recommendations for open data discussions and speakers for the next few months
  6.  Continued discussion on public engagement and open source (aka the Clay Shirky video):

October 19, Friday, 8:00-9:30 am PST (Your Time Zone: )

For those of you attending the W3C Brazil meeting next week, let me know and we'll try and touch base face to face!

--Jeanne Holm and Tomas Janowski
W3C eGov Interest Group Chairs

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