IT procurement for eGov, transparency case studies

One of the eGov hot topics is ''IT procurement" that is, how do Government
select the  software that supports the electronic side of their operations.
this is not just repositories
for open data, but all sorts of kit.

Some References in this report:
Government and IT - "a recipe for rip-offs": time for a new approach

One of the projects I am working on at the moment, involves mapping, with
(as documentary evidence), for each eGovernment initiative, how the IT
are secured.

Murky field of inquiry.

just to start off, I  consulted the UK government last year, including
issuing FOI requests, about the procurement, of CKAN for example,
 particularly wanted to learn what was the original spec /requirements for
CKAN, and what kind of funding was granted, based on what agreement/tender.
however,  I was unable  to access any document available, including no
contract between the UK government and OKFn for the development of CKAN,
although there is some evidence of moneys having been exchanged between the
UK Government and OKFn for the purpose of funding CKAN development. Does
anyone have any info?

I am gathering  the same for each EU country, but the respective eGov
iniaitives so far seem to
be cagey its not just the UK which is giving me the cold shoulder on this,
and sometimes they simply say that there is no such thing as an IT
procurement process for eGov at all, or simply decline to answer.  how can
this be? aren't government spending, or planning to spend tons of public
money to purchase the egovernment infrastuctures? how can this be done
under the table?

I would be interested to
1. learn what other group members may know/think about the issue
2.  does anyone know if the transparency laws and access to info and open
data initiatives in the EU cover such things as IT procurement data for
3.  is anyone interested in collaborating in this effort? how do we propose
the topic for development to this group.

seems relevant



An example of a Procurement life cycle can be summarised as follows, but it
can take a variety of
different steps, some of which are 'decisions'

*Information gathering/requirements*
*Supplier contact*:
*Background review:*
Consumption, maintenance, and disposal:*
*Additional Step *

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