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Re: iso3166 delegations in the IANA root and associated properties (was: Re: ccTLD as ...)

From: Aisenberg, Michael A. <maisenberg@mitre.org>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 14:03:08 +0000
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How do we reconcile Eric's "use of 'brand' is contrary to policy" with ICANN decision to permit "domains for hire" like .IRC or .BBC ?
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Subject: iso3166 delegations in the IANA root and associated properties (was:  Re: ccTLD as ...)

First, the set of policies implemented by ccTLD registry operators is
non-uniform. Some have been repurposed as gTLDs, under the theory of
subsidiarity, and some of these are operated by Verisign, Afilias or
NeuStar. Some have the base gTLD registration policy (First Come,
First Serve) with the, or a minor variation of, the gTLD UDRP, and a
nexus requirement for the contact records (or or all of {registrant,
administrative, technical and billing contacts}) or the Name Servers.

Second, those which are not repurposed, e.g., us, bz, cc, co, in, me,
... differ in secondary structure, implementation, and registration
rules. As an example of the implementation variation, until recently
the .za registry was a registry of several independent secondary

I could go on, but the main points are that using the word "brand" is
contrary to the practice of delegated iso3166 code point name space
policy makers, registry operators, and their access providers and end
users, with the exception of those delegations which have been
captured for other than local public interest, and policy,
implementation, and utilization vary significantly.

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