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RE: W3C eGov: Licensing Discussion

From: Anne Fitzgerald <am.fitzgerald@qut.edu.au>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 16:11:16 +1000
To: Brand Niemann <bniemann@cox.net>, "'Holm, Jeanne M (1760)'" <jeanne.m.holm@jpl.nasa.gov>, 'Phil Archer' <phila@w3.org>, "'eGov IG (Public)'" <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
CC: 'Timothy Vollmer' <tvol@creativecommons.org>, 'Sarah Pearson' <sarah@creativecommons.org>
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Hi all

I thought you might like to see this short presentation (slides only) by Dr Siu Ming Tam who is a senior officer in our national statistical agency - the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  ABS was one of the earliest adopters for its statistical publications that are published online.  The presentation was given at a conference in November 2011.  Of most interest are the slides towards the end of the presentation which demonstrate the remarkable increase in use of ABS's statistics with progressive liberalisation.  See http://www.oaic.gov.au/news/events/2011_information_policy_conference/Presentation_Siu-Ming_Tam.pdf


Professor Anne Fitzgerald
QUT Law Faculty

From: Brand Niemann [bniemann@cox.net]
Sent: Saturday, 24 December 2011 10:20 PM
To: 'Holm, Jeanne M (1760)'; 'Phil Archer'; 'eGov IG (Public)'
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Subject: RE: W3C eGov: Licensing Discussion


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From: Holm, Jeanne M (1760) [mailto:jeanne.m.holm@jpl.nasa.gov]
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To: Phil Archer; eGov IG (Public)
Cc: Anne Fitzgerald; Timothy Vollmer; Sarah Pearson
Subject: W3C eGov: Licensing Discussion

Hi all--

Thanks to all involved, including speakers Anne Fitzgerald, Sarah Pearson,
and Tim Vollmer (copied here), and to Bernadette Hyland for scribing and to
Phil Archer for facilitating/scribing/logistics.

Looking forward to meeting agenda suggestions for 17 January.  One thought
is on the open source platforms around open government and open data.  Let
me know your ideas!

Our speakers did offer to answer a few follow up questions on the list
serve, particularly given the time zone differences and that some could not
attend today's meeting.  Please respond to this thread to carry forward the

Thanks again and have a wonderful and joyous holiday and new year!


Jeanne Holm
Evangelist, Data.gov
U.S. General Services Administration
Cell: (818) 434-5037
Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: JeanneHolm

On 12/20/11 6:36 PM, "Phil Archer" <phila@w3.org> wrote:

>The minutes of the eGov IG meeting are now available on the wiki at
>We were joined by Tim Vollmer and Sarah Pearson from Creative Commons
>in the US and Anne Fitzgerald from the University of Queensland - an
>interesting discussion about licences and the public sector's attitudes
>towards and uses of them.
>A big thank you to the guests!
>Phil Archer
>W3C eGovernment
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