[agenda] eGov IG Call, 25 Nov 2009

Hi all,

Chairs haven't heard agenda requests from IG Members, so we put  
together the one below. Feel free to make comments or send suggestions  
now or even at the beginning of the call.


Agenda, eGov IG Call, 25 Nov 2009
13:00Z (9:00EST, 14:00GMT, 15:00CET)

Chair: Jose
Regrets: John

1. Scribe [2min]
+ need a volunteer, please!

2. Agenda adjustments and next meetings [2min]
+ next meetings: 9 Dec 2009, 23 Dec 2009??
+ next scribe

3. Introducing the Projects Page [5min]

4. Web Site [15min]
+ not possible to install a new tool
+ let's try to go wiki all the way

5. What's going on / coming up [20min]
+ TPAC 2009
+ Open Knowledge Foundation event [13 Nov 2009, London]
+ Jurix Conference
+ PdF Europe 2009
+ O'Reilly Expo?
+ FOSE 2010

6. Discussion: Government Linked Data, Techniques and Technologies  
+ how does linked data support (non-RDF) data consumers?
+ strategies for modelling government data
+ essential metadata for Government Linked Open Data (eg VoiD)
+ expressing rights and licensing information
+ approaches to provenance, authority and trust
+ using RDF for Statistical Data

Who can participate:

How to participate:


On the last group call five areas were discussed, as being the main  
work areas for the group over this year:

- Government Linked Data, Techniques and Technologies
- Government Linked Data, Strategies and Success Stories
- Best Practices for using Web Technologies to Deliver Government  
- Best Practices for Long-Term Government Data Management Issues
- Best Practices in Government Use of Social Media

We agreed we would pick up on one each of these over the next set of  
group calls. This call will be addressing the first of these topics,  
"Techniques and Technologies for Government Linked Data".

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