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RE: Discussion points per this morning's call

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Kevin, see my suggestions below in [brackets].




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Here is the framework to which we need to respond. Again, please provide me
some comment by COB today or early tomorrow so I can aggregate, review, and
get posted.





Some questions to consider in formulating ideas include:

*	How might the operations of government be made more transparent and

[Incorporate in employee performance plans explicit, measurable objectives
relating to the creation, management, and sharing of E-records.  Post on
agency Web sites the metrics reporting the aggregated performance of the
agencies' employees in pursuit of those objectives.  As directed by
paragraph 202(b)(4) of the eGov Act, link those metrics to key stakeholder
groups. http://xml.gov/documents/completed/eGovXML.htm#202b] 

*	How might federal advisory committees, rulemaking or electronic
rulemaking be better used to drive greater expertise into decisionmaking?

[Use Web 2.0 capabilities in combination with compliance with paragraph
202(b)(4) of the eGov Act and a standard like Strategy Markup Language
(StratML) so that citizens (including "experts") aren't required to know
where to look in order to find issues of interest to them to which they can
add value.]

*	What alternative models exist to improve the quality of
decisionmaking and increase opportunities for citizen participation?

[Openness versus secrecy, such as in the procurement process.] 

*	What strategies might be employed to adopt greater use of Web 2.0 in

[Enable .gov employees to participate in social networking sites through
their own agencies' systems.  Ensure that the records they create for
posting on those sites are maintained in the agencies' own (DoD Std. 5015.2
certified) records management systems.]

*	What policy impediments to innovation in government currently exist?

[The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) should be amended to encourage,
rather than discourage, citizen input.]

*	What is the best way to change the culture of government to embrace

[Leadership from the top, combined with innovative approaches for which
newer, younger employees are more likely to be early adopters.]

[To the degree that the focus of collaboration is innovative technologies,
the ET.gov site/process could be enhanced and more widely and regularly used
to enable discovery and formation of communities of practice around emerging

*	What changes in training or hiring of personnel would enhance

[Generally speaking, new technologies should require little or no training.
Busy .gov officials should not require training on anything other than their
own particular areas of expertise.  If the innovations require significant
retraining, perhaps the tools themselves should be reengineered to make them
more usable.  Usability testing should go a long way to reduce the need for

*	What performance measures are necessary to determine the
effectiveness of open government policies?

[Each employee's performance plan should include an explicit objective or
set of objectives relating to support for the President's open gov policies.
The aggregated statistics for employee performance should be reported on
agency Web sites in a standardized format, and agency performance metrics
should be available via data.gov, usa.gov, and other intermediary sites
focusing on the interests of particular stakeholder groups, as per paragraph
202(b)(4) of the eGov Act.]


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