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Hugh, I agree that we should consider suggesting to our potential stakeholders not only *what* they may wish to consider doing but also *how* they might realistically go about doing it.

While white papers and compilations of white papers (e.g., in "handbooks") may be good, actual step-by-step "plans" might be better.

"Use cases" can be considered to be goals and implementation steps can be thought of as objectives.  That is, if you'd like to achieve this (goal), here are some action steps (objectives) you might take in support of that goal. 

To the degree that goals and objectives may be quantified, progress can be tracked and reported to stakeholders (those who have reason to care).

To the degree that the IG may draft white papers containing any such implementation steps, I will certainly want to consider prospects for rendering them in StratML format.  It will also be interesting to see what values might be derived if others were to convert them into RDF, CSV, and/or other formats (to practice what we preach).

BTW, the latest version of the proposed XML schema for Part 1 of the StratML standard associates an <Identifier> of the xsd:anyURI type with most of the elements in strategic plans.  So to the degree that element may be used, it will enable identification and linking of goals and objectives as well as organizations, missions and visions.


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I've made some edits and scribbled a few notes on the* memo Jose started.[1]

I'd like to take a step back and think about this structurally. What follows is some disjoint thoughts.

I think it will need to drill down to implementation specifics, though we can probably hide the details behind hyperlinks if that gets in the way of content flow.

The sections I see at the moment are:
* make the case for doing it, and doing it properly - lots of explanations and examples of network effects and so on
* what to publish
* exploration of formats etc (how)

We could also cover each principle, followed immmediately by implementation advice.

Knowing the difficulty many agencies have in adapting, the whole document should accept that interim and partial steps will be more likely to be followed, but also plot the roadmap from there to the ideal state. It should contain clear steps for different types of data and organisational capabilities. Linking to the planned "OGD patterns" resources might address this.

Lots of ways to cut this document. Would like to hear feedback on its current state and some of the ideas presented above.


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