RE: Canvassing opinion on third party archiving and caching of government websites

Hugh asked:
> Hi all
> New thread for a change: what does everyone think about government
> departments adding "noarchive" robots directives (and their
> [1,2] to their websites and pages?
> I suspect most of you know what I am talking about. In case not, it
has at
> least these effects:
> * requests non-retention of the revision history in sites like the
> Machine [3]
> * requests that search engines do not make cached copies of resources
> available to searchers
> It's probably worth highlighting that these are not technically
> enforceable preventions, but are requests honoured voluntarily by the
> players.
> For my personal opinion, it's against openness and does nothing to
> encourage good governance in publishing processes. I'd like to know
> you think.

It may be against openness, but then some things we need to do are
against openness.

A recent case involved our requirement to publish details of contracts
that we let.  So far so good.  Then a vendor discovered that the details
of his consulting rates (from five years ago, no less) could be found by
a Google search.  He objected strongly and we had to get in tough with
the Big G to arranged for the data to be removed from the index and the

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